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Cairns Automatics


Dave Gibbon has been a qualified Transmission Specialist since 1989 when he completed his Course of Instruction in Automatic Transmissions Hydraulic & Electronic, through the Department of Technical & Further Education in NSW.

Prior to gaining his qualifications, Dave worked as a Workshop Controller for large companies including, but not limited to Stewart Toyota, Western Toyota, Torque Automotive Transmissions and City Ford, all located in Sydney.

Following these positions, Dave started up an Automatic Transmission Workshop in Casino, which after 10 years he sold and has set up two other workshops, one of which is Gearbox Transmission Steering (GTS) in Cairns. Now more commonly known as Cairns Automatics, Dave opened this business in 2002, with the business growing steadily since then, to become a very successful, well known business.

If you require any type of motor vehicle or motor cycle repairs or servicing, contact Cairns Automatics.

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